Accessibility Specialists

Coordinator: Philip Voorhees

Duties: (updated October, 2014)

  1. Work with the ROCC Assistive Technology Specialist, Training Specialist and Regional ROCC Training Specialists to train ROCC faculty and staff on accessible course content and development.
  2. Work with the ROCC Assistive Technology Specialist to:
  • Support ROCC faculty and staff with accessibility issues associated with course facilitation, content and development.
  • Support ROCC regional accessibility auditing and user group accessibility testing.  
East - Open
Middle - Open
West - Todd Blankenbeckler - Southwest Tennessee Community College

Admissions & Records Specialists

Duties:  Support TBR staff and RODP Curriculum Committee in ensuring that proper policies and procedures are followed regarding student admissions and records.  

Sheryl Burnett - East Tennessee State University
Lance Woodard - Nashville State Community College

Analytics Specialist

Coordinator:  Christine Mayer

Duties:  Support faculty and staff with analytics issues associated with course development and content.

Hollyanna White - Chattanooga State Community College

Assessment Specialist

Coordinator: Patrick Wilson

Duties: Support the ROCC collaborative with issues associated with course and program assessment.

Jeff Horner - Walters State Community College

Instructional Design Specialists

Coordinator: Jennifer Knott

Duties: Support faculty with instructional design issues associated with course development and content.

Mario Owens - Tennessee State University
Brenda Kerr - Middle Tennessee State University

IT Specialists

Coordinator: Jim Dye

Duties: Support faculty and staff with instructional technology issues.

Lee Frakes - East Tennessee State University
Audrey Williams - Pellissippi State Community College

Library Specialist

Mentor: Peter Nerzak - Pellissippi State Community College

Duties: Support faculty in the use of virtual library materials and the incorporation of research assignments into their online course design.

Training Specialist

Coordinator: Tess Olten

Duties: Supports faculty and staff with training issues.

East Region: Donnell King - Pellissippi State Community College
Middle Region: Brenda Kerr - Middle Tennessee State University
West Region: Leonia Fowler Houston - University of Memphis



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© 2015, Regents Online Campus Collaborative
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