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Austin Peay State University
East Tennessee State University
Middle Tennessee State University
Tennessee State University
Tennessee Technological University
The University of Memphis

Regents Online and the six TBR universities have joined together to establish an online delivery option for new teachers who have been issued a Transitional License in secondary education. This option will allow students flexibility in completing their educational coursework online through this campus collaborative. The courses may also be used for transitional licenses in areas other than secondary education as determined by your home institution.

What is a Transitional License?

The Transitional License is valid for one school year and issued to candidates with a bachelor’s degree who have verified knowledge of the teaching content area, have been offered employment as a teacher of record.  In addition, candidates must be eligible for admission, admitted to, or enrolled in an approved transitional licensure preparation program. The Transitional License is renewable two (2) times upon satisfactory progress toward completion of the approved transitional licensure preparation program. Individuals may teach on a transitional or alternative license, of any kind, for a maximum of three years.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To determine if you meet eligibility requirements for a Transitional License, we recommend that you take the Transitional Licensure Self Test available on the Tennessee Department of Education's website.  A condition of eligibility is an offer of employment from a public, charter and/or state-approved private school. A directory of Tennessee schools can be found at:

What are the admissions requirements?

  • Candidates must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and have met content knowledge requirements.
  • Candidates must obtain an "intent to hire" statement and recommendation for the Transitional License from the employing school system.
  • Candidates will select a home university that is in partnership with the hiring school district.
  • Candidates will meet the admissions and licensing requirements of their home university.

Program of Study:

TELC 2007 - Adolescent Learners
TELC 4001 - Adolescent Development
TELC 5001/6001/7001 - Adolescent Development

The emphasis of these courses is on the emotional, cognitive and physical aspects of adolescence and also includes the major concerns and risk factors facing teens in the United States.

TELC 2008 - Facilitating Learning through Assessment and Evaluation
TELC 4002 - Assessment and Evaluation
TELC 5002/6002/7002 - Assessment and Evaluation

These courses focus on three areas of teaching effectiveness including: 1) Facilitating Learning and Instruction, 2) Evaluating Learning Outcomes, 3) Maintaining Professionalism.

TELC 2009 - Managing the Learning Environment in School Settings
TELC 4003 - Managing the Learning Environment
TELC 5003/6003/7003 - Managing the Learning Environment

These courses address the use of appropriate knowledge and skills for managing the total learning environment in secondary school settings; emphasis on development of skills that facilitate effective teaching through appropriate management techniques and the involvement of parents and community members.

TELC 2010 - Survey of Exceptionalities and Diversity
TELC 4004 - Survey of Exceptional Children
TELC 5004/6004/7004 - Survey of Exceptional Children

These courses provide a critical study of the history, issues, trends, and supporting research in special education. The courses will enable students to identify psychological, physical, educational, medical, behavioral and learning characteristics and needs of individuals with various disabilities, as well as students from diverse cultural, social, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

TELC 2011 - Teaching and Learning with Technology
TELC 4005 - Teaching and Learning with Technology
TELC 5005/6005/7005 - Teaching and Learning with Technology

These courses are designed to help P-16 educators examine various issues related to teaching with Internet resources, as well as, learning to evaluate and integrate this technology into "teaching" and "learning."

TELC 2012- Teachers as Agents of Change in Schools
TELC 4006 - Teachers as Agents of Change
TELC 5006/6006/7006 - Teachers as Agents of Change
These courses are designed to provide an overview of current issues, trends and problems that are commonplace to teaching in public school settings.

The courses will be offered in an online format in a one year rotation.

Transitional Licensure Program Courses

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
TELC 5003 Managing the Learning Environment 3
TELC 5001 Adolescent Development 3
TELC 5004 Survey of Exceptional Children 3
TELC 5002 Assessment and Evaluation


TELC 5005 Teaching and Learning with Technology 3
TELC 5006 Teachers as Agents of Change 3

Note: Specific endorsement areas vary among TBR institutions. Candidates may also need to complete additional program requirements as determined by their institution.



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