Nursing Informatics Post Master's Certificate Program

NOTE: The MSN RODP concentration in Nursing Informatics will be phased out effective Summer 2015 and will close no later than Fall semester 2017.  No new students will be admitted to the area of concentration. The concentration will remain open to current students through the completion of their program of study. 

Nursing informatics integrates nursing science, information science, computer science and so much more. A Master's-prepared nurse who engages in nursing informatics is an informatics nurse specialist. As an informatics nurse specialist, you will identify, collect, process, and manage data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research, and the expansion of nursing knowledge. This program is designed for students who hold a Master's degree in another area of nursing and are interested in obtaining a certificate in Nursing Informatics.

On-Campus Meeting Requirements
Institution On-campus Meeting Requirements
Austin Peay State University NO
East Tennessee State University NO
Middle Tennessee State University NO
Tennessee State University NO
Tennessee Technological University NO
University of Memphis YES*

*All University of Memphis Nursing Informatics students are required to attend an orientation program on campus prior to the beginning of their first semester in the program.

Phase-out Plan for Nursing Informatics Concentration Core Courses by Semester Offered
Course S15 M15 F15 S16 M16 F16 S17 M17 F17 S18
NURS 5401  Course not offered after S15
NURS 5402 Course not offered after M15
NURS 5407 Course not offered after M16
NURS 5409 Course not offered after M16
NURS 5406 Course not offered after M16
NURS 5403 Course not offered after F16
NURS 5404 Course not offered after F16
NURS 5410 Close concentration
Note:  S=Spring semester; M=Summer semester; F=Fall semester

Concentration Requirements (all required)

NURS 5401 Introduction to Healthcare Informatics 3
NURS 5402 Healthcare Information Systems & Technology Integration 3
**NURS 5403 Project Management in Systems Analysis and Design 3
***NURS 5404 Project Management in Systems Implementation & Evaluation 3
NURS 5406 Healthcare Data Analysis & Evidence-Based Practice 3
NURS 5407 Informatics Applications I 2
NURS 5409 Informatics Applications II 2

Concentration Requirements - Total Hours


Nursing Informatics Practicum Requirement

NURS 5410 Informatics Practicum 4
Nursing Informatics Practicum - Total Hours 4
Nursing Informatics - Total Hours 23

*NOTE: Total practice contact hours = 240
**NURS 5407 is a prerequisite for NURS 5403.
***NURS 5409 is a prerequisite for NURS 5404.

NOTE: The 5000 level numbering of courses for Austin Peay, East Tennessee State and Tennessee State are cross listed with the 6000 and 7000 level course numbers to represent Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech and the University of Memphis respectively.

Disclaimer:  Course syllabi are samples only and may not reflect current course content, course assignments or textbook requirements. You will receive the current course syllabus once you enter the course. The current course syllabus found in the course overrides all previous versions of the syllabus. 

Link to Guidelines for Clinical Preceptorships

Nursing Informatics Concentration Coordinator

Dr. Richard Meeks
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