Core Requirements (all required)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PRST 5100/6100/7100 Professional Studies: Issues and Ethics 3
PRST 5200/6200/7200 Globalization and the Professions 3
PRST 5300/6300/7300 Research Methods 3
Total Hours: 9

Training and Development Core Requirements (5 courses required)

PRST 5770/6770/7770 OR
PRST 5600/6600/7600

Computer-based Decision Modeling OR Statistical Analysis 3
PRST 5410/6410/7410 Evaluation of Learning 3
PRST 5420/6420/7420 Organizational Needs Analysis 3
PRST 5400/6400/7400 Instructional Design for Training and Development 3
PRST 5470/6470/7470 Facilitation of Learning 3
Total Hours: 15

Professional Project

PRST 5998/6998/7998 Professional Project - must be taken during the final semester of the program. You should begin planning your project when you enter the program. Consult with your advisor about appropriate topics and submit your proposal for approval prior to entering the course. 3

Specialization Options (2 courses required)

PRST 5430/6430/7430 Advanced Instructional Design for Training and Development 3
PRST 5105/6105/7105 Project Planning and Scheduling 3
PRST 5040/6040/7040 Human Resources Management 3
PRST 5440/6440/7440 Engaging the Adult Online Learner  3
PRST 5450/6450/7450 Computer-Based Technologies for E-Training 3
PRST 5910/6910/7910 Employer and Human Resources Law 3
PRST 5920/6920/7920 Diversity in the Workplace 3
Total Hours: 6
Credits required for program completion: 33
Note: Students with full-time employment are limited to two online courses per semester.


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© 2016, Regents Online Campus Collaborative
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