Bachelor of Professional Studies - Information Technology concentration

Campuses that Offer this Program: 
Austin Peay State University
East Tennessee State University
Middle Tennessee State University
Tennessee State University
Tennessee Technological University
The University of Memphis

Program Requirements (120 hours)

The courses listed below under each of the noted categories have been developed to meet the course standards for the Regents Online Degree Programs. Students should check with their advisor regarding other online and traditional courses that may meet the requirements of the noted categories.

1. University Admission

You must apply and meet the admission requirements for your university home institution.

2 . General Education

You must meet the General Education Requirements of your home institution. It is critical to talk with your advisor(s) prior to enrollment regarding the General Education Requirements and transferability.

  • Complete all of your general education courses through your university, OR
  • Meet with the university Regents Online Transcript Advisor to determine which prior college credits and/or work experience credits fulfill the university general education requirements, OR
  • Complete the General Education Requirements online through any of the Board of Regents Community Colleges. Be sure to consult your university advisor prior to taking courses.

3. Professional Core (Choose courses from each area)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Administration & Supervision (choose one)
PADM 3601 Public Administration 3
MGMT 3610 Principles of Management 3
TECH 4381 Principles of Supervision 3
LIST 4093 Special Topics and Leadership 3
Organizational Systems (choose one)
PM 4120 Organizational Theory & Behavior 3
PADM 4226 Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations 3
Team & Organizational Relations (choose one)
ORCO 3240 Organizational Communication 3
COMM 3010 Integrated Corporate Communication 3
Statistical Methods (choose one)
SOCI 4510 Introduction to Social Research 3
SOAA 3350 Social Statistics 3
JOUR 4410 Public Relations Research 3
Written Communications (choose two courses from this area)
ENGL 3134 Computers, Writing & Literature 3
ENGL 3250 Professional Communication 3
JOUR 3421 Public Relations Writing 3
International Context (choose one)
SPAN 3550 Latin America: Countries & People 3
POLI 4350 International Law 3
JOUR 4712 Mass Media & Cultures 3
PS 3510 International Political Economy 3
POLS 3010 Comparative Politics 3
Total hours: 21

4. Informational Technology (Choose one course from each area)

Management Information Systems Overview
PTMA 3020 Management Information Technology 3
MGMT 3220 Management Information Systems 3
UNIV 3713 Freedom, Openness and the Internet 1
CSC 3700 Software Analysis & Design 3
UNIV 4706 Managing Software Development 3
Files/Operating Systems
INFS 3700 Introduction to System Analysis and Design 3
Database Management
CSCI 3222 Database Management Systems 3
UNIV 4708 Introduction to Business Intelligence 3
INFS 4900 Seminar in Data Communications 3
CSCI 4017/5017 Introduction to Information Assurance 3
Total hours: 15

5. Culminating Projects

UNIV 4995 Culminating Special Project 3
Total hours: 3

6 . Information Technology Electives OR Additional General Education

If needed (24 hours) - Your advisor will assist you in selecting the best electives for your program.

7 . Graduation Requirements

Include the following:

  • At least 120 semester hours total.
  • At least 30 semester hours must be awarded by the degree-granting institution.
  • At least 45 semester hours at the 3000-4000 level.
  • No more than 24 semester hours in business courses.

Graduation: You may receive your diploma by mail or attend the official graduation activities and ceremonies at your home institution.

Diploma: Your home institution will conduct your program audit and grant your degree. Your degree will note the name of your home institution.  Your diploma will be the same as all other diplomas. 

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© 2016, Regents Online Campus Collaborative
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