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Criminal Justice

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is designed to address the educational needs of individuals who desire to enter or advance their career within the field of criminal justice. Two concentrations will be offered within the major -- Law Enforcement and Corrections. Graduates of the Law Enforcement concentration will be prepared to assume roles in police departments, while graduates of the Corrections concentration will be prepared to work as professionals in correctional facilities.

The Criminal Justice A.A.S. degree is offered at all 13 Tennessee Board of Regents community colleges.


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General Education Requirements (15 hours required)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
ENGL 1010 English Composition I 3
PHIL 1030 Introduction to Philosophy 3
SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
Mathematics* (choose one course - 3 hours)
MATH 1130 College Algebra 3
MATH 1530 Probability & Statistics (non-calculus) 3
MATH 1630 Finite Mathematics 3
MATH 1710 Pre-Calculus I 3
*For purposes of satisfying the requirements of this degree, it is assumed that the student will enroll in the Math course appropriate for his/her preparation at admission to avoid additional credit hours in Math that may be required as a result of prerequisites.
Social Science (choose one course - 3 hours) 
PSYC 1030 General Psychology 3
SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology 3

Criminal Justice Core Course Requirements (18 hours required)

CRMJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRMJ 1040 Criminal Investigation 3
CRMJ 1110 Criminal Law 3
CRMJ 1130 Criminal Evidence and Procedures 3
CRMJ 2000 Criminology 3
CRMJ 2110 Juvenile Justice 3

Concentration - select one (12 hours required)

Law Enforcement Concentration
CRMJ 1022 Police Administration & Organization 3
CRMJ 1030 Understanding Terrorism 3
CRMJ 2010 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3
CRMJ 2035 Victimology 3
Corrections Concentration
CRMJ 1500 Correctional Counseling 3
CRMJ 2020 Introduction to Corrections 3
CRMJ 2090 Probation and Parole 3
CRMJ 2200 Correctional Security Administration 3

Electives  - select 5 courses (15 hours required)

CRMJ 1310 Forensics 3
CRMJ 2030 Drug Identification and Effects 3
CRMJ 2040 Investigative Report Writing 3
CRMJ 2050 Introduction to Cyber Security 3
INFS 1010 Computer Applications 3
PHIL 121 Elementary Ethics 3
PSYC 1030 General Psychology** 3
SOCI 1010 Introduction to Sociology** 3
SOCI 1020 Social Problems 3
**Cannot be used as a general elective if used to satisfy the general education social science requirement.
Total Credits Required for A.A.S. Degree = 60 hours


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