Tips for Success

Preparation for studying online:

  • Establish a location in your home or workplace where you can study without any distraction
  • Make sure that you have good lighting
  • Establish the best time for studying (identify a two-hour block)
  • Make sure that your computer is working properly
  • Read the course syllabus (the full details)
  • Get to know your instructor (Do not assume or take things for granted. E-mail your instructor to clarify information and ask questions).

How to study online:

  • Plan how to manage your time for study. You will need to incorporate time into your schedule to work on the computer, read assignments, research information, and participate in the class discussions (A good rule of thumb is to plan your study blocks in hours). Example: Plan to study one hour for every class five days a week.
  • Manage your time!
  • Check the Course Calendar for due dates, assignments, etc. Instructors are required to keep updated calendars to assist students in staying on track and noting any modifications.
  • Take notes
  • Establish rapport with other online students and form online study groups
  • Ask questions and more questions!
  • Seek information from the Virtual Library
  • Visit our SMARTHINKING labs for your tutoring needs
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© 2016, Regents Online Campus Collaborative

© 2016, Regents Online Campus Collaborative
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