Admissions FAQ

How do I choose a home campus?

Choosing a home campus can be a difficult decision. It can depend on preferences like location, size and course offerings. Regents Online suggests you begin your search by completing our prospective student profile on the admissions steps page to narrow down the campuses by your preferences.

Does Regents Online provide financial aid?

Financial aid is provided by your home campus. You will need to visit their website to learn more about financial aid. You can also visit our Additional Resources page to find links to several other financial aid and scholarship websites.

Does every campus offer the same degrees?

Associate's degrees are offered by the thirteen Board of Regents' community colleges and Bachelor's and Master's degrees are offered by the six Board of Regents' universities. Workforce development is provided by the twenty-six Board of Regents' technology centers.

Will I have a Regents Online advisor or an advisor from my home campus?

Both. Your advisor will be your Regents Online campus contact. This person is familiar with both the Regents Online program and your home campus. To find your campus contact, click here.

Can anyone get accepted into Regents Online?

To be accepted into the Regents Online program, you must first obtain acceptance from the home campus of your choice. Each home campus has different requirements for admission. Click here to view the admissions steps page.

Do I pay for my courses through Regents Online?

No. Payment of courses will take place through your home campus. Keep up with your home campus calendar to watch for important dates and deadlines concerning financial aid, scholarships and payment.

I have credit from another school.  How do I find out if those classes will transfer? 

Decisions about transferring credit toward a Regents' degree will be made by your home campus, based on its campus practices and policies. You can click here to view basic information about transfer practices at each campus.

Can I get credit for my past work experience(s)? 

Some of the Board of Regents institutions offer credit for experiential learning.  Your campus contact can advise you if this option is available to you. Click here to find your campus contact.

Do I have to visit my home campus for any reason?

You may need to go to campus for some services and some courses. Not all library resources, for example, can be accessed electronically. However, every effort will be made to minimize the number of necessary campus visits and allow you to make these visits at times convenient for you. You can receive some services, such as library materials, from any Board of Regents' institution. So, you will not necessarily have to travel to your home institution if another Board of Regents' institution is more convenient.

Will this be the same type of degree as if I were on campus?

The degree itself will be the same type of degree that on-campus students receive. The system used for delivering instruction is what is different about Regents Online degree. On-line and traditional courses cover the same course material and require comparable amounts of study time. Many students will take a mixture of online and on-site courses for their Regents' degree.

What is the difference between Regents Online classes and regular classes?

With regard to quality and learning, there are no differences between an on-ground courses vs. online courses. The difference is the way the course is "delivered." Interaction takes place electronically rather than face-to-face.

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© 2016, Regents Online Campus Collaborative
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